Employment Re-entry Programs

We work in partnership with private, non-profit and government agencies to provide programs and service to meet the individual needs of clients to return to gainful employment.

Job Placement Programs

Working with businesses within our local community to establish short and long term placements opportunities that respect physical limitations and lead to the acquirement of meaningful employment skills.

Job Search Workshops

This workshop includes development of customized resume, cover letter and references documents to support each individual's return to work. Clients also participate in interview preparation, portfolio development and get intensive training in job search that can help them find employment in today's challenging economic culture.

Individualized Educational Programs

Develop individualized educational programs that combine Computer Skills, ESL, High School Credits, GED and support for Online Post-secondary Education to construct the best educational path for each participant.

Injured Worker – Return to Work Action Plans

Combining our Counselling Services and Assessment Tools, we work with clients to determine the best path and appropriate timelines to assist them to successfully re-enter the work world.

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