Job Search Tools – Self Marketing and Networking

Looking for a job? Think that all it takes is to provide a resume which shows you're qualified and to show up for the interview? That it is the hiring person's job to read the resume, realize how wonderful you are, and hire you? Sorry, that's not the way it typically goes.

Depending only on your resume is an ineffective way to market yourself.

Ineffective marketing says:
“I’m a wonderful employee and you should hire me because I am so wonderful.”

Effective marketing says:
“I am wonderful because I will help you do this (specific example), and solve this problem (specific example).”

Self-Marketing is all about showing others how you can help them.
Doing this effectively:

  • Generates interest from employers in your ability to fulfill their needs
  • Makes it easy for the employer to feel confident in offering you the position
  • Sets you apart from “everyone else”
  • Demonstratrates your effective communication skills

So how do you do this? We suggest the following:

  • Research Yourself
  • Research Your Employer
  • Talk About Your Accomplishments
  • Talk About Your Unique Selling Features
  • Prepare Effective Cover Letters
  • Prepare a 30 Second Speech
  • Complete Cold Calls
  • Pay Attention to Your Appearance
  • Use Calling Cards
  • Use Portfolios

If you are not sure how to do these things please come in to our Centres for Employment and Learning.

What is networking?

  • Simply telling everyone you know that you are looking for a job, and asking them to tell people they know
  • Strategic: You deliberately call or contact someone who has information
  • Incidental: In a friendly conversation, you bring up the topic of job search

Why does it work?

  • Helps you make an impression
  • Connected people learn about job openings earlier
  • It’s the way employers prefer to hire

What do I say?

  • “Let me know if you hear about any job openings.”
  • “Could you arrange for me to talk to your employer?”
  • “Would you take my resume to people who might be interested?”
  • “Do you know anyone who works at...?”, “Who makes the hiring decisions?”
  • “Have you heard of any companies that are expanding in this area?”
  • “Thanks for the help you’ve given me during my job search. I found a great job.<”

How do I go about this?

  • Make a list of everyone you know, and include their job title
  • Highlight the people who work in industries/jobs related to the field you want
  • Create a script for a networking phone call
  • Create a log of your calls and keep track of what you talked about (JibberJobber)
  • Write a list of questions you want to ask them when you meet
  • When the meeting or conversation is coming to a close, always ask for a further connection from this person (“Who would you recommend I talk to next?”)
  • Be sure to thank the contact through a note or an email

Tips to Remember

  • Don’t give up! Not every networking contact will take you to another lead
  • Always take 2 copies of your resume with you to a meeting
  • Don’t start the conversation by passing them your resume and asking for a job

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