Employment Counselling – What We Do

An Employment Counsellor can help you with career decision making, skill enhancement, job search strategies and employment maintenance. With your EC you will develop goals relating to education, training and job search.


  • Assessments to help you identify your talents and strengths in the work force
  • Career planning for career changers
  • Career planning for starting a career or job
  • Lifeskills coaching
  • Resume writing and revisions
  • Cover letter writing and revisions
  • Networking skills in the new world of work
  • Marketing skills for great first impressions with employers
  • Resources on where to look for work
  • Job Search skills
  • Continued job search support until you are employed

Digital Communications

For those interested, Online Services are now available:

  • E-mail services
  • One-to-One Private Chats (by appointment)
  • Online employment/self improvement courses
  • Online resource links

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